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WhatsApp is one of the platform for any businessman or owner to promote his product. You will get direct access to the various customers. The mostly used messaging cross platform application by the people since it has been launch. So today are going to have a look on Whatsapp strategies of Marketing, so that the small business owners can take the opportunity. we guarantees you, for cracking more sale once you start using Whatsapp Marketing for your business promotion.

Using WhatsApp marketing we can easily send massive amount of What�s App messages to your targeted customers. As we all know WhatsApp is really a great tool for messaging . It has got everything including SMS, MMS. But today in online marketing firm, and have decided to go into WhatsApp Marketing Using third-party vendor because this application has the potential of getting clients for local businesses more than any other thing. It can be the best local marketing resource.

WhatsApp SMS Features

  • WhatsApp can be used globally
  • 1 SMS = 1 Audio (3 MB), 1 Text (1500 Character), 1 Video (3 MB), 4 Images (1 MB), 1 Pdf & 1 VCard, 1 DP
  • Auto refund for Non whatsapp Numbers
  • Dedicated User ID & Password for Sending Bulk Whatsapp
  • 24 hours Delivery (Except Sunday)
SMS Package Validity Sending Time Amount Action
10,000 (Trail Pack) 2 Months 24 hours (Monday to Saturday) 2500/- Contact
25,000 3 Months 24 hours (Monday to Saturday) 6000/- Contact
50,000 6 Months 24 hours (Monday to Saturday) 11,000/- Contact
1,00,000 1 Year 24 hours (Monday to Saturday) 20,000/- Contact

*Taxes Extra

WhatsApp Marketing Panel Use Rules

  • WhatsApp deliver timing minimum 5 minute to 8 hour
  • Delivery Report will update in 24 hour after campaign
  • Delivery Report not update below 1000 WhatsApp campaign
  • WhatsApp Message Send timing Monday to Saturday 24 Hours (Sunday Holiday)
  • Non Whatsapp Numbers Credits will be Refunded after 24 Hours
  • Country code is mandatory before mobile no. (Like: +91 8929302262)
  • Maxmium 25K Numbers Send in one time
  • Unwanted Contents prohibited (Example: Document, ID Proof etc)
  • Festival Time WhatsApp Message Send before 24 to 48 Hours.

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